Retrying Image Transfers with the Canon 1Dx

When there are network or camera glitches during image transfers from the Canon 1Dx images will need to be manually transferred to the Blink FTP servers for processing, preferably during a photo shoot or at least as soon as the image transfer errors are noticed.


Image 1
Canon 1Dx PLAY2 menu

You are going to walk through 6 more steps to try and transfer images for processing. First thing to do is select the Image transfer menu in the PLAY 2 top-level menu on the 1Dx.


Image 2
Select the ‘Image sel./transfer’ menu

Select ‘Image sel./transfer’ – this will let you select the images that you will be transferring via FTP.


Image 3

This screen shows how many images failed transfer during the 1Dx’s attempts to transfer them. This screen also allows you to pick the images to try transferring them again.  If there are images that failed transfer, then you have to select the ‘All image’ button on this screen, then follow the next step.  It is also possible to manually select images by folder (Sel. <folder icon> button) or individually (Sel. Image button).  Generally we do not want to do this at Blink unless we need to reprocess the images from an entire shoot or several shoots.


Image 4

This screen lets you pick what images to transfer in the next step.  If the camera listed images that failed transfer in the previous screen, then you will want to select ‘Card images failed transfer’ here.  The other two options will let you select images that were never transferred (this does not apply to Blink since we tell the camera to transfer every frame shot in the camera) and to clear the transfer history stored on the current CF card. The 1Dx stores a record of transferred images on the CF card – this is not super well documented by Canon. We recommend not clearing the CF card transfer history unless you are 100% certain that all images that were meant to be transferred actually get sent from the camera.


Image 5

Once you have selected the images to transfer, you will get sent back to the screen in Step 3.  Notice that it now says there is one image in the transfer queue.  Now you can select the ‘FTP transfer’ button down below.  This will take you to the next step…


Image 6

Click OK here to start the transfer.  Clicking Cancel will take you back to the previous screen.


Image 7

The 1Dx is now transferring images.  This screen shows the status of the transfer.  This screen will list each image as it is sent from the camera.


Image 8

After the images you selected are transferred, you will end up back at the image selection screen.  In this example, the one image we selected was successfully transferred, but if there were errors during the transfer the camera would show how many images failed to transfer on this screen.  We recommend that if there are errors in the transfer at this point that you note the actual error that happened by going to the error description (follow the steps in the post about Troubleshooting FTP Transfers with the Canon 1Dx ). Unfortunately the errors that occurred are not shown on this screen and it takes quite a bit of navigation to track down the actual error that happened!

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