Troubleshooting FTP Transfers with the Canon 1Dx

Figuring out what went wrong with wireless image transfers from the Canon pro cameras can be really difficult; at least in our experience with the Canon 1Dx with the WFT-E8A wireless transmitter.

Canon gives us a status light on the back of the camera (lower left corner, really tiny). When this status light is blinking red, something went wrong.  This is OK when there are network problems because the light will keep blinking red and no images will transfer at all.  When a shoot is going on, there is no time to catch the light blinking red to indicate an image transfer went wrong.  Since we transfer images more or less continuously during a shoot and there are usually hundreds of images shot in a short amount of time, it is really hard to catch the light blinking while also shooting!

For us the most common cause of failed image transfers is failed writes to a CF card.  We seem to burn through CF cards very quickly.  This could be because the Blink cameras shoot images very rapidly over a short period of time, or just the large number of writes we are doing to the CF card’s flash memory.  Either way, this is a very tricky problem to deal with for our photographers because images will seem to mysteriously not show up on our processing server.

The 1Dx makes it somewhat difficult to troubleshoot network errors – the error page is buried under the ‘Communication settings’ submenu so it is not super easy to find.  See below for the three steps it takes to get to the ‘Error description’ menu!

Toolbar 3Toolbar 4Toolbar 5

If images are not transferring this is the first place to look for troubleshooting clues.  If there was an error the camera will place an error message here, which can help to troubleshoot the problem.  Again, if there are transfer issues, look here first. Unfortunately, the error message on this page gets cleared after you attempt to transfer images with errors, which is why it helps to get a cell phone shot of this screen before attempting additional transfer troubleshooting steps.

For a step-by-step on transferring images with errors (for example if you determine that there was a temporary network error here) see:  Retrying Image Transfers with the Canon 1Dx

Check to see if the camera is connected to the wireless network:

Check to see if the camera has a valid IP address:

Check to see if the camera can connect to FTP:

Double-check your FTP username and password:

Make sure FTP is running:

Make sure FTP allows connections from your camera:


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